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Imperium Henna Brow

Imperium Henna

Imperium Henna is a long lasting and easy to use eyebrow tinting product that is  created by experts for professionals. Based on pure henna leafs and the best hair dye coloring ingredients (there is no redness in the colors.

Pure henna is green and displays a red color. Therefore, eyebrow henna is not 100% natural because there is always dye added to the henna to produce a brown/ashy color.

Henna comes from the henna bush (Lawsonia inermis). This bush is originally from North Africa, the Middle East and India. Perfume is also made from the flowers, and the dye that comes from the green leaves is used for henna paint.

Imperium Henna comes in 6 high quality pigmented colors that you can mix and match together or use individually. You will have a large pallet of colors and you are able to mix the perfect shade for every individual client.

Imperium henna contains zero harsh chemicals like ammonia, lead or hydrogen peroxide and is not harmful to your skin.

Imperium Henna colors the hair and the skin. The stain stays on the skin up to 14 days (depending on skin type and eyebrow aftercare). The visibility in the brow hairs can lasts up to 8 weeks. This allows you to enjoy your tinted eyebrows longer and make-up is unnecessary.

Imperium henna develops way faster than other henna brow products and gives you the opportunity to work fast and book more clients a day.

The henna should be mixed with (warm) water, so you do not have unnecessary costs for mixing products.

Many women can benefit from eyebrow tinting, including individuals with sparse or light colored brows. But also gives an extra dimension to people that already have big bold beautiful brows. Imperium henna covers 100% grey hair. While many use eyebrow pencils to fill and darken spotty eyebrows, the overall results are temporary. Eyebrow tinting is a semi-permanent fix that can give long lasting results. Imperium henna is THE solution for people who like to wake up with perfect brows.

All henna colors are sold in 10gr jars (80 treatments, if you stick to the size requirements) The colors are available in blond, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, grey and black. And we have also refill package.

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