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Frequently asked questions

1. Are the trainings accredited?

Yes, training is accredited by AIT Ireland and fully insurable.

2. I do not have beauty background, can I do any of your training?

Yes, you can, each training is designed for totally beginners and teach you everything.

The only training you need experience for is Volume Lash extensions training, you have to do classic lash extensions training first.

3. Do the dates are flexible?

The group trainings are not flexible, and they are scheduled a month in advance.

If the date doesn't suit you then there is an option of VIP training which is extra 100eu and you get full attention of the teacher and date is matched to your needs.

4. Is kit provided?

Yes you get kit with your training and most of the time kit covers the cost of the training as you can make money and work on customers straight away (so you get your training for free :))

5. Can I contact the teacher after finishing the training?

Yes, of course. We provide constant support after the training, and we are very happy to help you with further problems.

6. Is there any discount for following training?

After first training you get 10% discount for next one. We very value your business

7. How much is the training?

If you value quality, the price will satisfy you. Contact us for details by email

As lash/brow stylist it is very low cost to start your new career so invest in good training.

8. Do I need the model for the training ? Are the models provided?

For your training, you have to bring your own models.

  • Each  training require 1 model

As the independent lash/ brow stylist you have to be able to get the models as it is the first step to built your successful business!

9. I have booked the training but have to cancel, what to do?

If you give us 2 weeks notice, then the booking fee is transferable to the other date.

Less than 2 weeks, booking fee is going to cover our costs, and you lose it (unless you will find the  cover for your spot! )

As a lash/brow stylist you will work with cancellation, and you will realize how much that affect the small business and cancellation/reschedule policy must be in place.

10. Do I need to prepare myself for the training?

Not really, be in a good mood and enthusiastic :)

For lash extensions training, make sure your vision is good, and you see from the distance small things.

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